Target group and benefits of certification

Verified qualifications give you a competitive edge

Six Sigma Six Sigma training is suitable for companies and employees with leadership responsibilities in all industries.

Six Sigma helps you achieve significant value in a short period of time. All Six Sigma projects are carried out exclusively with the goals of achieving a demonstrable increase in added value or a demonstrable reduction of costs.

Once you have completed Six Sigma training, your market value will significantly increase and you will have better chances on the job market.

Anyone can start.

For companies For employees
  • demonstrates a secured quality standard
  • enables uniform approaches and a common understanding of the project
  • increases your project efficiency and marketing benefits
  • helps you win lucrative contracts and gives you a competitive edge through proven expertise
  • improves your chances on the job market
  • confirms your skills and experience and gives you an internationally-recognised title
  • reduces unnecessary overtime due to faulty processes
  • provides you with the necessary statistical and methodological knowledge to guide project teams and lead projects to success