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Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Six Sigma College Düsseldorf - Black Master Belt Certification

The Master Black Belts plays a key role in the company-wide introduction of Six Sigma as an efficient breakthrough strategy for improving business processes.

The Black Belt’s task is to coordinate the introduction of Six Sigma into the company in cooperation with top management, to train Black Belts and Green Belts, to guide them in the performance of their Six Sigma projects and to offer technical and methodical support.

In addition, Master Black Belts are instrumental in the selection and preparation of Six Sigma projects. Top management and the Six Sigma Champions work together to plan the necessary human and material resources. The interaction between Six Sigma and CIP teams as well as the differentiated application of appropriate methods and techniques are coordinated by the Master Black Belt.

Your Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt training

Type of training          



3 days          

3.190,-€ plus MwSt.
all inclusive




Our promise:

No more statistical methods, just management training!

Course objective

Participants acquire the in-depth knowledge and skills necessary to apply special Six Sigma tools and the required methodological-didactic knowledge to prepare and conduct Six Sigma Black Belt and Green Belt trainings.


Management topics (Communication and Presentation)

  • Six Sigma roadmap, Overview of the DMAIC cycle
  • Training of Belts as part of the Six Sigma concept
  • Leading Six Sigma teams
  • Methodical-didactic aspects in teaching the curriculum within the DMAIC cycle phases
  • Project presentation by all participants
  • Presentations by the participants on selected topics
  • Homework assignment on a selected management topic


Management topics (Project Management and Change Management)

  • Project reviews
  • Preparation of a short lecture presentation on project management
  • Lean Six Sigma (overview)
  • Change Management Basics
  • Conflict Management Basics



Successful completion of the Six Sigma Certified Black Belt course

Proof of specific work experience in Six Sigma and/or completed (Six Sigma) projects

Questions on how to have your qualifications recognised? Don’t hesitate to ask us!



Your course fee includes::

  • Master Black Belt certification
  • SSCD Essential Guide
  • Practical catapult attempt (DoE)
  • Specially-developed training materials, as a SSCD: tablet or classic print version
  • Written, working and test documents, SSCD USB stick
  • Photo documentation of the entire course, including all flipcharts
  • Drinks and refreshments provided during training


Our course dates:

  • 3 days Master Black Belt: 27.05.-29.05.2019 Düsseldorf
  • 3 days Master Black Belt: 12.06.-14.06.2019 Ulm
  • 3 days Master Black Belt: 26.08.-28.08.2019 Düsseldorf
  • 3 days Master Black Belt: 28.10.-30.10.2019 Düsseldorf
  • 3 days Master Black Belt: 16.12.-18.12.2019 Ulm
  • 3 days Master Black Belt: 07.01.-09.01.2020 Ulm
  • 3 days Master Black Belt: 29.01.-31.01.2020 Düsseldorf
  • 3 days Master Black Belt: 25.03.-27.03.2020 Düsseldorf
  • 3 days Master Black Belt: 06.04.-08.04.2020 Ulm
  • 3 days Master Black Belt: 06.05.-08.05.2020 Düsseldorf
  • 3 days Master Black Belt: 18.05.-20.05.2020 Ulm


Feel free to ask about alternate dates.