Six Sigma College Düsseldorf

General Terms and Conditions

Because quality work needs rules.

§1 Field of competence

1.1 Our General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to all business transactions conducted with our clients, hereinafter referred to as “Participants”. The terms and conditions are automatically accepted by the Participant when placing the service order. They apply for the duration of the business relationship.

§2 Order placement, registration and services

2.1  The business relationship is based on the respective binding registration, or a written order sent to us by the Participant, with the scope of services and the participation fee being included in this order.

2.2  The Participant can send us orders via mail or fax. By registering/placing an order, our terms and conditions are accepted for participation in our courses.

2.3  The number of participants is always limited. Early registration is therefore an advantage.

2.4  If no more than three participants have registered for a course up to two weeks before the course begins, we reserve the right to cancel the course. In this case, we will designate replacement dates or reimburse any course fees already paid; however, no further claims may be asserted.

§3 Fees

3.1 Applicable fees are those agreed upon in writing through the confirmation of participation signed by the Participant. The scope of the service will also be written in the confirmation of participation.
If the Participant fails to utilise any of the services offered, or only partially uses the services, no claims for reimbursement may be made.

VAT (currently 19%) will be applied in addition to all fees.

3.2. For participants receiving the AZAV grant: Fees include all learning materials, examination fees, certification and a participation certificate.

§4 Payment and payment deadline

4.1 The participation fee is due upon confirmation of participation by the Participant and shall be payable immediately and in full upon receipt of invoice via bank transfer to the business account.

4.2 For participants receiving the AZAV grant: Payment is made directly by the Agentur für Arbeit (job centre) and can be paid in monthly instalments. The Participant relinquishes his/her right to the education voucher to Fuchs & Consorten Unternehmensberatung GmbH and may no longer use the voucher for any other purpose.

§5 Cancellation

5.1 Cancellation up to two weeks (ten working days) before the course begins is free of charge.

Thereafter, the full participation fee will be charged and cancellation is no longer possible. A substitute participant can be designated at any time. Rebooking to another course date (within 12 months) can generally be arranged.

5.2. For participants receiving the AZAV grant: Participants receiving the AZAV supplement have a right to cancellation up until the first day of the course. Once the course has begun, the Participant also has a right to no-cost cancellation if they begin work or if funding under SGB III and SGB II (German Social Code, Books III and II) is no longer available.

§6 Seminar content and schedule

6.1 All content, as well as start times and durations for the course, shall be communicated in writing upon course confirmation. Courses usually begin at 9 am, include scheduled breaks, and end around 6 pm.
There is an attendance requirement.

6.2 For participants receiving the AZAV grant: Absences must be excused with a fit note. The Participant agrees to the sharing of his/her data with the Agentur für Arbeit (job centre).

§7 Liability

7.1 In principle, no liability is assumed for the Participant’s personal items, nor for advice given or knowledge acquired by the Participant. The Participant is liable for all damages caused by a breach of contract. All teaching and learning aids provided during the course must be treated with care by the Participant.

§8 Severability clause

8.1 Should any provision of these terms and conditions be deemed invalid or become invalid, the remainder of the provisions shall still apply. In place of the invalid provision, a provision shall come into force that comes closest to the will and interest of both parties to the extent permitted by law.

§9 Applicable law

9.1 The legal relationship between the Participant and Fuchs & Consorten Unternehmensberatung GmbH is exclusively subject to German law.

§10 Place of performance and legal venue

10.1 The place of performance is our company’s registered office in Dusseldorf.

The legal venue for all disputes arising indirectly or directly between Fuchs & Consorten Unternehmensberatung GmbH and the Participant shall be the court of jurisdiction for our registered office in Dusseldorf.