Your Six-Sigma training in just 4 days!

What is the SSCD:Boot Camp?

Six Sigma College Düsseldorf - Boot Camp

At Six Sigma College Düsseldorf you have the opportunity to complete your training as a Six Sigma Professional in a shorter amount of time. In our boot camp trainings, we teach you all of the methods and tools included in the Six Sigma concept.

Our boot camp trainings also meet the content requirements of the American Society for Quality and the standards of the Six Sigma College Düsseldorf. The contents of our trainings are identical.

Six Sigma College Düsseldorf - Boot Camp

Faster and more intense!

The SSCD:Boot Camp is aimed at anyone with a busy schedule. We compensate the smaller amount of training days with more training hours on the remaining days.

We will provide you with lunch, a snack in the afternoon and course drinks!

SSCD:Boot Camp course times

Our boot camp training lasts a total of 4 days for the Green Belt and Black Belt. Our Black Belt combo course lasts just 8 days in the SSCD:Boot Camp. Training days usually last 11 hours. After the course is complete, you should also take the opportunity to independently review and further understand the content. Both the SSCD seminar rooms and our instructors are available to you during your training.

  • Day 1 of training: 9 am to 7 pm
  • Days 2-4 (or 8) of training: 9 am to 8 pm
  • You will take the exam at the end of the last training day.

Düsseldorf: +49 211 171562 89
Neu-Ulm: +49 731 49391670
Zürich: +41 445155661