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The SSCD:ProcessSIM – The Six Sigma Process Simulation

Six Sigma as a practice

Six Sigma College Düsseldorf SSCD Process SIM

SSCD:ProcessSIM is to be understood as a simulation exercise for the practical application of Six Sigma content. It combines theory and practice and gives participants insight into the practical application of the Six Sigma methodology. Participants have access to specially-developed documents. In particular, participants should work through the DMAIC cycle. A variety of Six Sigma analysis and improvement methods are used to help participants understand how to build and lead a Six Sigma improvement project.

Each player assumes the role of an employee in the fictional company “BayRad”. The goal is to understand, adjust, analyse and optimise the process of “order acceptance”.

The players should work through the phases of the DMAIC cycle one after the other:

Phase 1: Define

  • Formulation of objectives
  • Visualisation of the current process
  • Definition of key figures

Phase 2: Measure

  • Go through the first round of the game: Processing of customer orders as part of the sales process
  • Measurement of the key figures
  • Visualisation of the key figures in the process

Phase 3: Analyze

  • Reflection on the first round of the game
  • Identification of errors, problems and potential actions

Phase 4: Improve

  • Visualisation of the target process
  • Updating of the job description

Phase 5: Control

  • Conduct second round following the target process
  • Measurement of the key figures
  • Comparison of the key figures from the first and second rounds of the game