Six Sigma College Düsseldorf

Your added value

Our courses are based on the international standards of the American Society for Quality (ASQ®).
Our active participation and membership in the ASQ® ensures that our trainings and courses are designed according to the worldwide standard and therefore your certificate, which you have obtained after successfully passing the exam, is also internationally recognized.

We would like to draw your attention to four special features of our courses, all of which are approved by ASQ® and comply with the regulations.

Boot Camp
Through our specially offered Boot-Camp you have the possibility to receive your certificate already after 4 days – we explicitly emphasize that you do not have to make any concessions regarding the content and that we also adhere to the standards of ASQ®.
You can expect longer and more intensive training days including daily follow-up in the form of exercises.

Business Game: ProcessSIM
Our business game – SSCD:ProcessSIM – simulates process optimization according to Six Sigma. Many of our customers do not have the opportunity to qualify through an internal project.
Therefore we have integrated a one-day business game into our program, which is played through along a real consulting case experienced by us. Based on a simulated project, the customer realistically experiences the core process of Six Sigma: the DMAIC cycle

Change management, coaching and kanban boards
We would also like to prepare you optimally for activities as a project manager and executive. We supplement “classic” Six Sigma topics with current management topics and integrate them into our training.

Leading in price and performance
We are deliberately striving to set new standards in terms of pricing for our courses, but also in terms of quality. Since we are all passionate consultants and process optimizers ourselves, our customers do not have to make any cutbacks in training. Our administrative processes are lean and efficient. You will get consulting know-how on the cutting edge of the market from management consultants.